Robert Gates Didn’t Really Like Working For President Obama


The Washington Post has a review of Robert Gates’s new book “Duty” that will hit the bookshelves later this month. It doesn’t sound like Gates was a big fan of President Obama. He didn’t think Obama was committed to the war in Afghanistan, and he really couldn’t stand Joe Biden.

The sometimes bitter tone in Gates’s 594-page account contrasts sharply with the even-tempered image that he cultivated during his many years of government service, including stints at the CIA and National Security Council. That image endured through his nearly five years in the Pentagon’s top job, beginning in President George W. Bush’s second term and continuing after Obama asked him to remain in the post. In “Duty,” Gates describes his outwardly calm demeanor as a facade. Underneath, he writes, he was frequently “seething” and “running out of patience on multiple fronts.”

The book, published by Knopf, is scheduled for release Jan. 14.

Gates writes about Obama with an ambivalence that he does not resolve, praising him as “a man of personal integrity” even as he faults his leadership. Though the book simmers with disappointment in Obama, it reflects outright contempt for Vice President Joe Biden and many of Obama’s top aides. (Read More)

It sounds like Obama’s military decisions were made by White House political advisers without much input from military leaders.