Progressive Agenda To Be Pushed In NYC Schools



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The newly inaugurated Mayor of New York City, Bill DeBlasio, has chosen a far left progressive to head NYC schools. She’s announced big plans to push her progressive agenda in the schools.

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Now that New York City Mayor and far-left Democrat Bill de Blasio has chosen Carmen Farina to become chancellor of NYC schools, city residents can expect a sharp turn to the left on education policy.

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Farina, a former teacher and long-time adviser to de Blasio, shares the mayor’s desire to foist a “progressive agenda” upon NYC schools, she said at a news conference earlier this week.

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“This progressive agenda actually says we know there are things that need to happen, but they need to happen with people, not to people,” she said.

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That means liberal education goals — including an expansion of taxpayer-funded pre-K and elimination of merit-based pay for teachers — will definitely be a top priority for the new administration. (Read More)

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Both DiBlasio and Farino are against school choice and charter schools, so charter school children may soon find themselves back in the failing public schools. How sad.

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Farina is a retired public school principal, so it’s likely she will be receiving her pension at the same time she collects a paycheck.

I heard that only 17% of NYC voters went to the polls in November to vote in the mayoral race. The 83% who didn’t bother may soon regret the decision to stay home.