Obama’s NSA Speech: 5,400 Words – 4th Amendment: 54 Words


Dianny did the word count on President Obama’s big NSA speech. It came in at over 5,400 words.

Yesterday, I was going to write a DIANNY RANTS about Barack Obama’s speech on the NSA’s surveillance program. I found the transcript of the speech online and attempted three times to read through it. I selected the entire thing off of NPR’s website, pasted it into a Word document and tried to read through it again. I couldn’t make it, you guys.

It is over five thousand four hundred words.

That’s a lot of words. The Fourth Amendment is only 54 words.

The Fourth Amendment — which spells out our right to be protected from illegal searches and seizures is only fifty-four words. Or, one one-hundredth the length of Obama’s speech making excuses for violating the Fourth Amendment.

Read the whole thing.

In case you missed the big speech, The Pirate’s Cove has a summary. Basically Obama said the NSA will quit spying on friendly world leaders. It’s kind of clever, really, when you think about it. He’s alienated all of our allies, so are there any left the US considers friendly? Maybe Iran, China, Venezuela and Cuba? Apparently he doesn’t think of the American people as friendly. Otherwise, why would they need to collect our texts and other cell phone data?