Obama’s Fuzzy SOTU Math


Obama SOTU

President Obama’s math in the State of the Union address was a bit fuzzy. The Washington Times fact-checked some of his statements and it turns out they weren’t entirely true. I know, you’re shocked.

Right from his opening line, the president cherry-picked the rosiest of statistics that didn’t always reflect the reality of his record even as the economy finally creaks back to life.

For instance, the president hailed the “8 million new jobs our businesses have created over the past four years.” But the president has been in office for five years and the figure he used was a gross number that ignores the effect of continued job erosion, especially from the early part of his presidency.

In fact, the net gain of jobs on Mr. Obama’s watch is 3.25 million, according to the website FactCheck.org, and the number of Americans who are jobless still stands above 10 million, including 3.9 million who have been out of work for at least 27 weeks, known as the long-term unemployed.

Many more Americans are no longer seeking jobs and have fallen from the count. CNNMoney recently reported that only 62.8 percent of the adult population is participating in the labor market, the lowest percentage since 1978 when Jimmy Carter was president.

Read the whole thing, there’s much more. They probably could have saved time by just reporting his truthful statements.

Also, American Power has Senator Mike Lee’s Tea Party rebuttal, and be sure to read Smitty’s response. Here’s just a little taste of it:

What motivates this post was the climax to the whole “self-congratulatory blowout celebration of how well our governing class has done their jobs”, where a wounded warrior was dangled like a prop to squeeze the final standing ovation from the crowd.

Be sure to read all of that, too.