Obama Threatens To Veto Bill Mandating Security And Transparency For Obamacare Exchanges


The House passed the Health Exchange Security and Transparency Act which would require the government to notify Americans if their private data is breached through the Obamacare exchanges. Sounds pretty reasonable to me. It sounded pretty reasonable to over 60 Democrats, too, which is why they voted for it.

But President Obama thinks the site is a-okay and has threatened to veto the bill. He says it would be too burdensome to notify people if their identities are stolen through his glitchy exchange. Since when are Democrats against more red tape?

Who knows what the Senate will do, but the House has enough votes to override a veto.

Oh, and if the website is so secure and working so well, why did they just can the old contractor and enter into a new $90 million contract with a different company? That’s on top of the nearly $300 million they’ve already spent.