Obama Promises A ‘Year Of Action’


Lord, save us from this tyrant. Heaven knows the Republicans aren’t doing much about him.


President Obama is promising a “year of action” to cement his destructive agenda. He’s never had to make a payroll but he wants you to believe he can wave his magic wand and create jobs and opportunities. Constitution be damned!

President Obama vowed to use his executive authority to usher in a “year of action” even if Congress remains gridlocked, he said in his weekly address.

“Where Congress isn’t acting, I’ll act on my own to put opportunity within reach for anyone who’s willing to work for it,” the president said.

Work for it? There are no jobs. What does he mean, taking the time to sign up for food stamps? His biggest achievement, besides taking over a sixth of the economy and screwing up health insurance for millions of Americans, is expanding welfare rolls to record levels.

Obama pointed to a recent trip to North Carolina to announce the formation of a new public-private manufacturing institute as evidence of how he could act alone to spur economic activity. (Read More)

Oh yeah, those Promise Zones, as if his promises are worth the price of the paper they’re printed on. He’s teaming up with colleges to prepare students for those jobs of the future. I wonder if special snowflake studies are included. I don’t hear him out there promoting trade schools, because fixing toilets and repairing roofs is just so out of fashion these days. I’m sure he’s completely unaware of how hard it is to find someone skilled in the trades that keep us living in comfort. Heck, even SWAT teams are having trouble recruiting anymore. The millennials all think they’ll move on after five years to greener pastures.

“We got lawyers. We got Ph.Ds. We got everything but police officers. They can’t clear a corner. You tell them, ‘Get out of the squad car and go clear the corner;’ but they can recite to you a formula – you know, Starling’s law for cardiac help or something.”

In short, we’ll have another year of the president scrapping the Constitution and ruling by fiat, all so we can have more people on the dole, and fewer people keeping our communities safe and our homes maintained. But hey, if you happen to get shot on the street corner perhaps the young cop that didn’t keep you safe will file a lawsuit on your behalf. Fantastic.