Obama Adviser Still Talking About Pen And Phone, Promises More Executive Action


Is it any wonder most Americans don’t believe the government acts with the consent of the governed? Recently President Obama said he would act without Congress because he has a pen and a phone. On Sunday his top political adviser Dan Pfieffer reiterated that message, pretty much word for word.

“If Congress doesn’t act, the president will,” Pfeiffer told “Fox News Sunday.”

Pfeiffer’s comments mark the second time this weekend that he has attempted to prepare Americans for what Obama will say in his State of the Union address Tuesday before Congress.

In a letter Saturday to Obama supporters, Pfeiffer called 2014 a “year of action” and said the president will lay out a set of “real, concrete, practical proposals” to grow the economy and strengthen the middle class.

“President Obama has a pen and he has a phone, and he will use them to take executive action and enlist every American … in the project to restore opportunity for all,” he also wrote in the letter.

On Sunday, Pfeiffer said those proposals will include efforts to increase the minimum wage, extend unemployment insurance and pass comprehensive immigration reform.

Read the whole thing, he even pulled out the “we inherited the worst recession since the Great Depression” card.

None of the proposals mentioned above will help the economy. Increaing the minimum wage will make it harder for low skilled workers to find jobs, so will the immigration reform they’re pushing. And how will extending unemployment “restore opportunity” for anyone? That won’t create more jobs, but will put extra burdens on the job creators. The last time they extended unemployment our small family business received extra bills from the State of New York’s unemployment office, and we only had one employee at the time.

Of course Obama and his minions will never admit that Obamacare is wreaking havoc on the economy. People are stuck with higher premiums, co-payments and deductibles, leaving little to spend on anything else.

Oh, and as they put this on Congress, saying Congress won’t work with the president, at the same time they’re saying he’s going to distance himself from Congress. As if that’s something new. He’s had a terrible relationship with members of Congress from both parties since day 1. He doesn’t play well with others.