NY Dem Wants All Public School Children To Undergo Psych Evaluations


A New York Assemblywoman has introduced a bill that, if passed, would require all public school children in the state to undergo psychological evaluations. Here’s part of the text of Margaret Markey’s bill A8186:

Includes psychological screening for students in public schools as part of the required health certificate.

A  health  certificate  shall  be furnished by each student in the public schools upon his or her entrance in such schools and upon his  or her entry into the grades prescribed by the commissioner in regulations, provided  that such regulations shall require such certificates at least twice during the elementary grades and twice in the secondary grades. An examination and health history of any child may be required by the local school authorities at any time in their discretion to promote the educational interests of such child. Each certificate shall be  signed  by  a duly licensed physician, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner, who is  authorized by law to practice in this state, and consistent with any applicable written practice agreement, or by a duly licensed  physician, physician  assistant,  or nurse practitioner, who is authorized to practice in the jurisdiction in which the examination  was  given,  provided that  the  commissioner has determined that such jurisdiction has standards of licensure and practice comparable to those  of  New  York.

PERFORMED AND THAT THE CHILD IS MENTALLY FIT  TO  PERMIT  ATTENDANCE  AT, SCHOOL.  Each  such certificate shall also state the student’s body mass, index (BMI) and weight status category.

In New York the schools already require BMI information in addition to vaccination records. I have no problem with providing vaccination records, but BMI is a bit intrusive, and this mandatory psych testing for all kids seems ridiculous.

Via Dana Loesch who wonders what purpose this would serve and who would pay for it. Good questions.

H/T to Lin who mentioned this in a comment on an earlier post.