NSA Collecting Text Messages, Financial Data

I wasn’t that concerned about the NSA accessing the computers of foreign operators, but this is a different story. Text messages, financial data, even travel itineraries!

The handy feature that lets you take a photo of a check with your cell phone and magically deposit it to your bank account, ends up in the NSA global data sweep, every day, all day long. If you pay your cell phone by credit card, NSA knows it and has your card number, and your phone number, and all of your contacts and your conversations. This message comes us courtesy of The Guardian via Edward Snowden.

Daily collection:

• Over 800,000 financial transactions, either through text-to-text payments or linking credit cards to phone users

If you are setting up a meeting through text messages, it knows who, where, when and why if any of that info is included in the text.

Requesting directions by cell phone? NSA’s got it. They can follow you there.

Priceline, American Airlines, Delta, Expedia…pick a company, any company you are using to travel, when your itinerary is sent to you, NSA has it. When you pay for it, NSA has it.

Read the whole thing at Maggie’s Notebook. I would have more to add, but I’m exhausted.