Michelle Obama Hinders Employment Around Oprah’s Hawaiian Estate


Oprah House

Michelle Obama stayed behind in Hawaii when the president and thee girls returned to Washington, DC  after their 17 day vacation. She turns 50 later this month, and is kicking back and relaxing before her big, but perhaps etiquette-challenged, birthday party. She’s staying at Oprah Winfrey’s fabulous estate in the hills. Also visiting are Oprah’s friend Gayle King and White House adviser Valerie Jarrett. ABC News makes it sound spectacular.

And what does a day at Winfrey’s Hawaiian getaway entail? In a blog for the Huffington Post last year, Winfrey described the fresh fruit drinks, sunsets, horse rides and gardening she and her guests enjoy at her estate in Maui.

“Every evening we sit on the front porch and watch the greatest light show on earth: the sun dipping below the horizon. Neighbors drop by. We sip drinks inspired by whatever is fresh and delicious – mango, guava, pineapple, cucumber, basil. We chat, laugh and rate the sunsets according to their magnificence,” Winfrey wrote for the Huffington Post. “When there’s a full moon, we hike up the mountain and sometimes ride horses to the top to watch the moon rise over the ridge. I love being in my garden, cultivating the most delicious organic fruits and vegetables. Radishes as big as your head. The land gives and gives. It restores my soul.

“I’ve never encountered anyone who doesn’t love it. The soothing breezes and glowing sunsets, and watching the sun rise as you look down on the clouds below Haleakala Crater all manifest the splendor of the island. For me that’s the bonus. The real substance and value of being in Hawaii is the unspoken “spirit” of the people and the surroundings. Hawaiians understand that the soul of the land is what matters,” she said. (Read More)

Wow! That really does sound fantastic. Unless, that is, you’re one of Oprah’s neighbors who are being inconvenienced by the first lady’s visit. It seems she’s really hampering economic activity there while living it up with her gal pals.

The owner of nearby Goble’s Flower Farm tells us … security checkpoints have been set up on the roads … blocking customers from shopping there.

Other business owners complain they can’t stock their shelves because road closures have screwed up their deliveries.

A worker at Grandma’s Maui Coffee tells us, employees are arriving VERY late to work.

And fun is also affected.  Recreational areas (like hiking trails) have also been shut down. (Read More)

Oh well, not to worry. I’m sure the president has their backs. I mean, while Michelle is down there enjoying the sunshine and the perks of her status in life, he’s fighting income inequality here on the mainland. Perhaps he will even turn the area into a “Promise Zone” to make up for any lost revenue.