Jay Carney Won’t Say Who Paid For Michelle Obama’s Birthday Bash


White House spokesman Jay Carney didn’t have an answer when asked by ABC’s Jonathan Karl who footed the bill for Michelle Obama’s birthday bash last weekend. He said he thought they previously released a statement on that and referred Karl to the East Wing. But there’s one problem:

Acting on Carney’s statement, “I think we put out information on that,” White House “Statements & Releases” going back two weeks make no mention of who’s footing the bill for the first lady’s celebration.

The only mention of her birthday among the White House blogs within the same two-week time frame is one dated Jan. 17, titled, Our 15 Favorite FLOTUS Moments for the First Lady’s 50th Birthday.

All of which begs the question: Just who did pay for Michelle’s birthday bash?

I guess that’s just another one of life’s mysteries. But if we the taxpayers did pay for it, perhaps they could at least provide us with a few photos so we can see what we paid for.