House Advanced $1 Trillion Omnibus Spending Bill – Update – It Passed



Earlier today the House voted to advance a $1 trillion omnimbus spending bill that’s 1,500 pages long and nobody has had time to read. After some debate a full vote will take place later this afternoon. The bill is loaded with pork and wasteful spending.

Bankrupting America highlighted some of the worst spending in the bill which is expected to pass.

Some Highlights From The 2014 Omnibus Spending Bill:

Pg. 18: $54,000,000 For Government Employees To Combat Wood And Tree Pests: Under the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, the bill provides $54 million in salaries “for tree and wood pests.”

Pg. 125: $36,000 For Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) Receptions. The bill provides the ATF with funding for training of local law enforcement which includes $36,000 “for official reception and representation expenses.”

Pg. 137: $2,500,000 For Voter Education About Puerto Rico’s Future Political Status And Potential Statehood. “$2,500,000 is for objective, nonpartisan voter education about, and a plebiscite on, options that would resolve Puerto Rico’s future political status, which shall be provided to the State Elections Commission of Puerto Rico.” The funding will educate voters on a future vote to become a state. Puerto Rico already held such a vote in 2012.

Pg. 159: Up To $80,000,000 To Study Jupiter’s Europa Moon In The Year 2020. “Provided further, that $80,000,000 shall be for pre-formulation and/or formulation activities for a mission that meets the science goals outlined for the Jupiter Europa mission in the most recent planetary science decadal survey.” The Europa mission isn’t even planned until 2020.

Pg. 365: $4,000,000 For Aquatic Plant Control. Under funding for the Army Corps of Engineers’ investigations, $4 million of the $125 million given to the Corps is earmarked for the “Aquatic Plant Control Program.”

Pg. 479: Up to $90,000 For The Vice President’s Entertainment Expenses. “For the care, operation, refurnishing, improvement, and to the extent not otherwise provided for, heating and lighting, including electric power and fixtures, of the official residence of the Vice President; the hire of passenger motor vehicles; and not to exceed $90,000 for official entertainment expenses of the Vice President, to be accounted for solely on his certificate.”

Pg. 541: Blocks Reforms That Would Help Save The Postal Service. The bill requires the Postal Service to continue 6-day postal delivery even though the Postal Service has repeatedly asked to reduce delivery days in order to save itself from bankruptcy. The Post Office was $5 billion in debt last year. Maybe this is why they keep raising the price of stamps?

Pg. 720: $3,660,000 For Neotropical Migratory Bird Conservation. The bill includes $3.6 million to fund “Neotropical Migratory Bird Conservation Fund.”

Pg. 790: $35,000,000 For The Removal Of Fish Passage Barriers: From funding for the Forest Services’ improvement and maintenance account, “$35,000,000 shall be designated for urgently needed road decommissioning, road and trail repair and maintenance and associated activities, and removal of fish passage barriers.”

Pg. 799: Funding For The Adoption Of Wild Horses And Burros. “Funds appropriated to the Forest Service shall be available for expenditure or transfer to the Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management, for removal, preparation, and adoption of excess wild horses and burros from National Forest System lands, and for the performance of cadastral surveys to designate the boundaries of such lands.”

Pg. 821: $146,021,000 For The National Endowment For The Arts. “For necessary expenses to carry out the National Foundation on the Arts and the Humanities Act of 1965, $146,021,000 shall be available to the National Endowment for the Arts for the support of projects and productions in the arts, including arts education and public outreach activities, through assistance to organizations and individuals pursuant to section 5 of the Act, for program support, and for administering the functions of the Act, to remain available until expended.”

  • This Represents A $7,637,782 Increase Over the $138 million appropriated in 2013. 2013 Appropriation Less Enacted Rescission And Sequestration:. (“National Endowment For The Arts Appropriations History,” NEA, Accessed 1/14/14)

Pg. 906: $124,296,000 For The National Center For Complementary And Alternative Medicine. “For carrying out section 301 and title IV of the PHS Act with respect to complementary and alternative medicine, $124,296,000.”

Read the whole thing, unfortunately there is much more at the link. They even needed to do a sequel to that post.

Heritage has a related piece about all of the government failures that we the taxpayers will continue to fund.

Update: The bill passed with bipartisan support, as if that’s a good thing.