Here’s The 2014 State Of The Union Drinking Game


If you’re a glutton for punishment and plan on watching President Obama’s State of the Union address you can make it more fun by playing the Generation Opportunity SOTU drinking game. You might want to cheat and substitute soda or water for some of the drinks, especially if you have to get up in the morning.

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SOTU drinking game

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Or you could follow Jim Treacher’s advice and skip the speech, have a beer or two if you want and give your liver a break. That sounds good to me, there are plenty of reruns than the one Obama will deliver tonight.

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Update: The Republicans put out a mock draft of the SOTU speech, it’s pretty funny.

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Update 2: CNS News came out with their own version of the SOTU drinking game. There’s also a disclaimer to drink responsibly. That should go without saying, but in this litigious society I guess it’s necessary.

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