Have Republican Leaders Lost Their Minds?


Most poilitical observers agree that Republicans are poised to gain seats in the House and possibly regain control of the Senate in this year’s mid-term elections. That would give them the opportunity to slow down or halt President Obama’s agenda. So, what are they doing? Concocting a plan to give legal status to illegal immigrants and grant citizenship to the Dreamers.

The House Republican leadership’s broad framework for overhauling the nation’s immigration laws will call this week for a path to legal status — but not citizenship — for many of the 11 million adult immigrants who are in the country illegally, according to aides who have seen the party’s statement of principles. For immigrants brought to the United States illegally as young children, the Republicans would offer a path to citizenship.

But even before the document is unveiled later, some of the party’s leading strategists and conservative voices are urging that the immigration push be abandoned, or delayed until next year, to avoid an internal party rupture before the midterm elections.

“It’s one of the few things that could actually disrupt what looks like a strong Republican year,” said William Kristol, editor of the conservative magazine The Weekly Standard, calling an immigration push “a recipe for disaster.” (Read More)

Kristol’s right, it is a recipe for disaster, not just for the GOP but for working Americans. The last thing the economy needs is more low skilled workers competing for jobs. Poll after poll shows that immigration reform is at the bottom of the list of issues Americans care about. So I have to wonder if these “leaders” have lost their minds, or if they’re in the pockets of the big businesses looking for more cheap labor.

How about they just demand that the administration secure the border and enforce the immigration laws that are already in place?

Related: Almost 70% of deportation cases are closed by “prosecutorial discretion” under the Obama administration.

Update: John Hawkins gets to the bottom of why Republicans are pushing this – as I noted above, it’s all about appeasing big business.