Good Advice For The NRSC


Stacy McCain offers some good advice to the National Republican Senate Committee.

This circular firing squad behavior is profoundly discouraging, and is entirely the fault of the Senate GOP leadership.

My position on such matters has always been quite clear: The national party committees — NRSC, NRCC, RNC — should stay the hell out of contested primaries, period. If an incumbent Republican has a primary challenger, that’s his problem, and of no concern to the national committee, whose funds (and personnel) should be focused completely on defeating Democrats.

Deviation from that rule is tantamount to the national leadership controlling the party from the top down, which has the effect of discouraging grassroots involvement. And there is no good reason to believe that Senate GOP leaders know what they hell they’re doing when it comes to picking winners and losers in primaries.

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This latest episode began when Brad Dayspring, the communications director at the NRSC said that Mark Levin was using the Senate Conservatives Fund to get his book Liberty and Tyranny to the top of the best seller list. That’s just silly. Levin’s book has been out for years, longer than the SCF has been around. So of course, Levin is totally ticked off, and who can blame him? What good does it do for the NRSC to pick a fight with Mark Levin? And why don’t they find a way to at least make peace with the SCF? That is a group that is trying to get conservative Republicans elected to the Senate.

Look, I get why Mitch McConnell wants to keep his job, but what are they going to do if Matt Bevin beats McConnell in the primary? Are they going to help the Democrat? Do they want Harry Reid to keep his job as Senate Majority Leader? That’s what will happen if they continue these inter-party fights and ticking off the base.

Update: Okay, here’s the story on Dayspring’s tweet that started this whole thing. Apparently the SCF spent quite a bit of money purchasing books from Levin to send to donors. Levin likes the SCF and lets people know he likes them. There’s nothing wrong with that. Dayspring’s point was apparently to point out that the book buy should have been disclosed. Moe Lane has the details, but I’ll leave you with this last bit from his post:

Or, here’s a radical thought: go smack around the Democrats.  They’re always worth smacking around. (Read More)

Now that’s something I hope we can all agree on.