George Will Gives DeBlasio Three Years Until People Are Begging For Something Else


George Will

On Fox News Sunday this week conservative columnist George Will was asked about the liberal agenda of the newly inaugurated New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio. Chris Wallace asked if liberalism was making a comeback. Will responded that unchecked liberalism is great for conservatives and that after three years people will be begging for something different.

Oh, there’s nothing better for American conservatism than periodic examples of untrammeled liberalism. Lyndon Johnson after 1964 had huge majorities in Congress, had his way. Republicans won five of the next six and seven of the next nine presidential elections. Let him have his way in New York City, and let people see what happens.

There are more than 130 contracts with public employees’ unions that’ve been held in abeyance until Mayor Bloomberg got out of there, because they assumed that de Blasio and his compliant, not to say supine city council, will go along with anything they ask for. I give him three years and people will be begging for a return to something else.

You can read more and watch the video at NewsBusters, where it’s noted that once DeBlasio unravels all of the gains made by his more conservative predecessors he, and a compliant media, will blame his failures on conservatives. This is New York we’re talking about, so it could work. Then again, there are probably quite a few New Yorkers who don’t remember what it was like before Rudy Giuliani turned that city around. Even with all of his big-nanny faults, Michael Bloomberg at least understood economics and public safety. So New Yorkers have avoided a lot of the problems plaguing other big cities that liberal Democrats have run into the ground. When NYC starts to resemble Detroit maybe more than 17% of the people will go out and vote for a return to the good old days.

Update: The Other McCain has some predictions about the future of New York City, and thinks DeBlasio’s agenda should be fully enacted ASAP.

The New York City public school system is a despicable abomination, and yet Mayor de Blasio wants to raise taxes to expand it.

Every item in De Blasio’s agenda is as bad as (or worse than) his education policy, and the important thing is that it be implemented immediately, so that its failures are not delayed. Economic decline, escalating crime, rampant corruption, an exodus of law-abiding citizens, an influx of deadbeats and predators — the sooner New York City descends into bankrupt anarchy, the better.

Read the whole thing.