FBI: No Crime In IRS Abuse, Just Ignorance And Incompetence


The FBI says that there was no crime in the IRS harassment of Tea Party groups. It was just ignorance and incompetence.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation doesn’t plan to file criminal charges over the Internal Revenue Service’s heightened scrutiny of conservative groups, law-enforcement officials said, a move that likely will only intensify debate over the politically charged scandal.

The officials said investigators didn’t find the kind of political bias or “enemy hunting” that would amount to a violation of criminal law. Instead, what emerged during the probe was evidence of a mismanaged bureaucracy enforcing rules about tax-exemption applications it didn’t understand, according to the law-enforcement officials. (Read More)

Hey, maybe the Justice Department and Obama donors shouldn’t be the ones leading the investigation. It wasn’t just tea party groups targeted by the IRS, but also individuals. Sarah Palin’s father is the latest to reveal he was harassed by the IRS, in his case it was six times since 2008.

Oh well, nothing to see here, just move along.