Dan Bongino: Russia Obstructing Olympic Security


Tensions are high in Russia leading up to the Olympic games, with a manhunt underway for the female terrorist known as the Black Widow. Reports indicate that she and others may have breached the “ring of steel” security perimeter set up around the venue. Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino told Neil Cavuto that the Russians are deliberately obstructing security around Sochi. Bongino, who is running for Congress in Maryland’s 6th Congressional District, said that the Russians are “not engaging in the proper counterintelligence or the collaborative international effort they need to make this a truly secure games,” and said he wouldn’t go under the current security situation. At the end of the segment Bongino predicted something bad could happen if the security situation doesn’t change.

Video and transcript below are via Grabien.


BONGINO: “Yeah, its troubling Neil. We have done these operations where we bring the president over to Russia and I have to say, the cooperation has always been pretty good. They’ve actually given up some information I think that would be considered sensitive in order to not be embarrassed to have the president of the United States hurt in their country. The fact that they’re engaging in a deliberate obstruction here, 40 FBI agents, Neil, that’s a joke. That’s not even going to make a dent into the manifold problems they have and holes in their security plan now.”
CAVUTO: “So Dan, what’s the normal number we would send? Like last go around, how many did we send?”
BONGINO: “I can tell you on a presidential trip it could easily number ten times that, and that’s on a presidential trip in one or two venues, Neil. We’re looking at a massive operation, multiple venues, and keep in mind, Mike brought it up, and it was a very — it was a great point. The transportation networks are the soft targets. You know, anytime Neil, I hear this ring of steel, I cringe. They had a ring of steel in the hotel in Indonesia as well, the Ritz Carlton that was bombed. You know what they did? Bribed the florist to let the suicide bombers in. This is a holistic operation that has not been holistically enacted. I don’t think they’re not engaging in the proper counterintelligence or the collaborative international effort they need to make this a truly secure games. I’ll tell you right now, I wouldn’t go.”
CAVUTO: “All right. So when you say you wouldn’t go, a lot of our athletes are going. They’re set to go. So, I’m wondering, what would change your mind that they would be in better shape going? If we had more security personnel going or what?”
BONGINO: “Well, you brought up a good analogy between the translator in South Africa in this case. You know what? The president, we can pull the trip. The president’s not going to go. We can’t do that here. These are U.S. athletes, they’re private citizens, they’re free to go or not to go. What we could do is we could demand — and I do mean demand — a full security audit with our Secret Services, our diplomatic security service, people who have down this before. I was in Salt Lake, the Secret Service has a ton of people who were in Salt Lake, demand a full and open security audit and put Putin on the spot. I think this is more of a reflection of his intransigence than it is of anything else, because they’ve been cooperative before on other operations.”
CAVUTO: “We have been told about this 30,000-troop ring around the Sochi area, but we were raising as well with Mike Baker, Dan, that assumes that the bad guys aren’t already in Sochi. Right?”
BONGINO: “Neil, you have to clean, sweep, and post. Meaning you have to clean the area out completely of people, sweep it for everything you want out, and then post it with agents. You can’t do that in an entire city. This place was completely unprepared and I wish people would stop confusing access control with security. They’re going to do a great job at access control, but a ticket is an access control device. It’s not a security device. They are not the same thing.”
CAVUTO: “Dan, do you think something bad could happen?”
BONGINO: “You know, I hate to be the harbinger of bad news, but if something doesn’t change quickly, I think something bad is going to happen. I think the people they’re playing with over there are playing for keeps and they are some really deranged individuals.”
CAVUTO: “All right. Thank you, Dan. I hope you’re wrong on this.”