Cuomo Says State Will Pay For Universal Pre-K, De Blasio Wants To Raise Taxes For It Anyway


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced a plan for the state to pay for universal pre-K. So you would think New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio would welcome the state funding as a way to save money for the city. But nope, de Blasio says he wants to raise taxes on the wealthy to pay for it anyway. He claims that’s what the voters want him to do.

A defiant Mayor de Blasio is vowing to go full speed ahead with plans to raise taxes on the city’s highest earners to pay for universal pre-K — even as Gov. Cuomo is offering to have the state foot the bill.

De Blasio not only insisted his five-year tax hike was the only way to ensure a reliable stream of funding, but said he felt obligated to enact the will of those who voted him into City Hall.

“I think of it in terms of following through on a commitment I made to the people of New York City, that they ratified with great energy and with a huge majority, that they want this to happen and believe this is the right way forward,” said the mayor. (Read More)

If you ask me universal pre-K is a waste of money. Studies show no long term benefit, but I’m sure the teachers unions love the idea.

De Blasio is also in the news this week for failing to plow the streets in some of New York City’s wealthier neighborhoods. I guess he forgets that the working class uses those streets, too.