Breast Cancer Patient Lost Doctors, Had Treatment Postponed Thanks To Obamacare



Josie Gracchi had insurance before Obamacare. She has been diagnosed with ductal-invasive breast cancer. Unfortunately, her insurance policy was cancelled and now she has insurance through Obamacare. Her physicians are not approved providers. She needs surgery but it had to be postponed while she figures out what to do.

Fox News has her story:

Gracchi was forced to postpone her Jan. 3 biopsy and follow-up treatment at New York’s Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, the largest private cancer center in the world, when her insurance rolled over into a new plan that was part of an exchange under the Affordable Care Act.

“As of January 1, my insurance plan rolled over into a new ObamaCare plan that is part of the exchange and my doctors are no longer available in my network, so the surgeons that I was dealing with … I no longer have access to,” Gracchi told Fox News.

Gracchi said Sloan-Kettering and her primary doctor are trying to help her get through the situation. She said she has had difficulty trying to find comparable doctors and surgeons that could assist her on, the ObamaCare website. (Read More)