Awkward! Senator Avoids Obama During His Trip To NC


For red state Democrats President Obama is like the plague. He’s taking his income inequality show on the road to North Carolina today and Senator Kay Hagan is keeping as far away from him as possible.

When President Obama arrives here Wednesday to tout a manufacturing initiative, he is expected to be joined by students, business leaders and local officials — but not by Sen. Kay Hagan, his Democratic ally facing a tough reelection.

The notable absence at Obama’s first trip outside the Beltway in this election year highlights a perennial quandary for embattled candidates and less-than-popular presidents. With a battle for control of the Senate looming and the president’s approval rating deflated, Democrats and the White House will spend much of this year grappling with whether their most vulnerable candidates will be helped or harmed by a visit from Obama and how to keep those candidates some distance — but not too far — from the president. (Read More)

Of course Hagan says she has to stay in DC because the Senate is in session, but who doesn’t think she would be there by his side if his approval ratings weren’t at gutter levels?

In related news, Hagan and other vulnerable Democrats have been the targets of an ad campaign slamming them by name for lying about keeping their health care.