Are You Ready For Hillary?


Drudge Report teases with the headline “She Makes It Official?” which brings you to an email sent by General Wes Clark asking people to sign up for a free “Ready for Hillary 2016” bumper sticker.



Pat at At So It Goes In Shreveport points out that Drudge is just “stirring the pot” a bit and that Hillary hasn’t really made it official.

Let’s talk about Benghazi for starters. Then we can move on to Fast and Furious.

Drudge is, of course, stirring the pot a bit with his “She Makes it Official?” headline.  She has done no such thing although there is little doubt in anyone’s mind that she will run.

The fundraising email to which Drudge refers is from Gen. Wesley Clark and directs recipients to a website where for just a simple trade of all your information (for future fundraising emails, of course) you too can have a free I’m Ready For Hillary bumper sticker.

Read the whole thing.

One thing I noticed, and I don’t know if it means anything, is that Clark uses the email is paid for by Friends of Hillary and has a link to which doesn’t have a whole lot of anything.