106 NYC Retired Police And Firefighters Busted In Disability Fraud Scheme


NYC db fraud

The New York Times reports that 106 New York City police and firefighters have been busted in a massive Social Security Disability fraud scheme. They faked psychiatric illnesses in order to defraud taxpayers out of millions of dollars. They may have gotten away with it if they weren’t posting photos of themselves living large on social media sites.

The retired New York City police officers and firefighters showed up for their psychiatric exams disheveled and disoriented, most following a nearly identical script.

They had been coached on how to fail memory tests, feign panic attacks and, if they had worked during the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, to talk about their fear of airplanes and entering skyscrapers, prosecutors said. And they were told to make it clear they could not leave the house, much less find a job.

But their Facebook pages told investigators a starkly different story, according to an indictment and other court papers.

Former police officers who had told government doctors they were too mentally scarred to leave home had posted photographs of themselves fishing, riding motorcycles, driving water scooters, flying helicopters and playing basketball.

Read the whole thing. Those charged were just the ones who were caught. The report says that the scheme goes all the way back to the 1980’s, costing taxpayers about $400 million. The ringleaders include an attorney and a union guy. What a shock.