‘Young People Have Been Had’


Victor Davis Hanson has a good piece at IBD about what we, as a country, are doing to young Americans. It’s too bad so many millennials were duped into voting for this mess, but in all fairness, this has been a long time coming.

It is often easy to caricature the young. Today they see expensive iPhones and iPads as necessary as a prior generation’s cheap pencils and pens. Some younger people wear sneakers and shades that cost more than three months of health care premiums. Suburban kids are as likely to be playing video games on weekend mornings as cutting the grass and raking leaves.

Even so, the aging ’60s generation has more to answer for. We’re handing over a very different America to our young people. They’ve received a worse education than did prior generations at a far greater cost in mostly borrowed money.

Job opportunities are fewer, taxes are higher. Others ran up the huge debt; young people will largely pay for it over the next half-century. Early marriage and child-raising, a nice house, two cars and pay-as-you-go college for the kids are becoming a fantasy of a bygone generation.

Professors talked mellifluously about trendy green issues, gay rights and abortion without ever explaining that those lectures came at high financial costs. “Hope and change” benevolent government sounded great to the young and idealistic. What was left out was that a captivated cohort was taken for granted and thereby seen as an easy mark to pay for it.

In short, young people have been had.

Read the whole thing. Perhaps things can be turned around for future generations now that the millennials, with the implementation of Obamacare, are seeing what big government actually does to them. But the longer it takes the worse it’s going to be. The debt keeps piling up, and we have three more years of Obama.