War On Women: Dems Attack And Belittle Female Physician For Testifying About Obamacare


Dr. McLaughlin

Democrats would like us all to think that when it comes to women they’re our knights in shining armor, riding in to protect us from icky Republicans and conservatives. But if a woman dares to speak the truth about their dreadful policies they whip out their pitchforks faster than you can say “war on women.”

Dr. Patricia McLaughlin, whose ObamaCare woes were first highlighted in The Post, gave a House committee a simple prescription for the defective health care law: “Fix it!”

But Democratic lawmakers pounced on her for relating how she got hit with an ObamaCare “double whammy.”

McLaughlin told the House Oversight Committee, which invited her to testify after reading The Post article, how she had lost the group health plan for her four-person office.

Then, Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield dropped her from its provider network, forcing her patients using that insurance to go elsewhere or pay out of pocket, she said.

Rep. Matt Cartwright (D-Pa.) questioned whether McLaughlin was dumped from the network because her “credentials” weren’t as good as other doctors’.

Read the whole thing. Dr. McLaughlin said they treated her differently than others who testified and that it “hurt to the core” because she’s only acting as an advocate for her patients. I guess the Democrats just wanted her to know here place. She might have “MD” after her name but she’s not part of the ruling class so she better just pipe down.

JWF has some video of her testimony and wonders how long it will be before the good doctor is the subject of an IRS audit.

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