Venezuela Goes Dark As Marduro Announces Socialist Agenda


Via Zero Hedge, Venezuela literally went dark as President Marduro went on national TV to lay out his socialist agenda. Here’s a picture.

Venezuela dark

A few of those windows have lights, those people better watch out, they wouldn’t want to get caught with back-up power sources.

The blackouts occurred in about 11 Venezuelan states, so most of the big screen TV’s looted from the stores are probably useless at the moment. But at least they won’t need to worry about finding the toilet paper in the dark, since they don’t have any toilet paper.

Some bullet points from the speech:

* Individuals will be able to open FX accounts in euros or dollars in state banks to import cars: Maduro
* Law decree will lower prices for used, new cars: Maduro
* Govt will set prices for new cars: Maduro
* Manufacturers must inform of weekly car production: Maduro
* Prices for used cars can’t exceed prices for new cars: Maduro
* Venezuelans must save more, consume less: Maduro
* Venezuela economy needs fair prices, reasonable profit margins: Maduro

Read the whole thing.