Texas Governor Candidate Wendy Davis Campaigns In New York, Calls Texas ‘Toxic’


The reason we all know the name Wendy Davis is that she wore her pink tennis shoes to filibuster an abortion bill and became a darling of the left. Now she’s running for governor of Texas. But she’s taken her campaign on the road. To New York. I guess she feels more at home here, you know, because Texas is so “toxic” or something.

She went on to say that Texas has the tendency and reputation of passing toxic policies that seem to spread across the country, as other states follow by their example.

Here in New York they pretend to enact “toxic” policies like tax reform, but it’s mostly just gimmicks and redistribution.  The unemployment rate is higher than the national average and people flee to places like Texas. Why would Texas want to follow us down this path, pink tennis shoes or not?

H/T Bad Blue