Snow In Egypt?


It’s not the Tug Hill Plateau, but still, snow in Egypt is pretty remarkable considering that this is the first time it’s happened in over a hundred years. How often do you see snow and real palm trees in the same picture?



Well, it must be global warming causing this, right?

Once you realize that anthropogenic global warming (also known as “climate change”) is a non-falsifiable theory, the pretzel logic is amusing: Any extreme or damaging weather — including extreme cold — can be cited as evidence of “climate change,” and anything that looks like contradictory evidence can be dismissed as irrelevant because . . . well, there’s a scientific consensus, and nobody can argue with a scientific consensus. In other words, the science of global warning is not science. It’s actually the exact opposite of science, because real science requires that a theory conform to the evidence, rather than attempting to conform the evidence to a theory. (Read More)

That’s why William Teach calls it “hotcoldwetdry” – because with this new consensus as science no matter what the weather they’ll always blame it on climate change.