Senate Republicans Holding A Talkathon Protesting The Nuclear Option


Many of us have been disappointed of late with quite a few of the Republicans in the Senate. But if there was one thing they were good at, it was blocking some of President Obama’s most radical nominees. Obama needs those nominees to be confirmed, especially to the DC Circuit court so he can get a rubber stamp on his miserable agenda. So Harry Reid and the Democrats invoked the “nuclear option” and have all but eliminated the filibuster. Now Republicans are going to have a last hurrah on the Senate floor. They were pretty impotent before, now they’ve been completely neutered. So they’re holding a “talkathon” in protest.

Senate Republicans made plans Wednesday to stage a more than 30-hour talkathon on the chamber floor to protest Democrats’ triggering of the “nuclear option” last month.

The GOP protest, which could extend into the weekend, will throw a wrench in Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s (D-Nev.) hopes of wrapping up legislative business for 2013 as soon as possible.

The Republicans aimed to push a final vote on Nina Pillard, one of President Obama’s picks for the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, until the wee hours of the morning.

Oh, that will show them. Since when do the Democrats care about holding votes in the wee hours of the morning? Look at how they passed Obamacare, the biggest debacle of the century!

“When you blow up the Senate rules, there has to be a consequence,” one Republican senator said.

“We’ll stretch this into the weekend if need be,” the lawmaker added.

The only consequence the Democrats will suffer, at least in the short term, is a slight scheduling inconvenience.

But hey, even Mitch McConnell is joining in, and he came out against the budget deal Paul Ryan put on the table this week. And the biggest surprise is that the Democrats finally did something to invoke ill will in John McCain.

Republicans are still fuming over the use of the nuclear option, which allowed Democrats to change Senate rules with a simple majority vote. Traditionally, 67 votes are needed to alter the rules.

“What they did on this rules change [is] the first time in the history of the United States Senate that we changed the rules without 67 votes,” Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) said. “The ill will that has been inflicted by that action is incalculable.” (Read More)

What Senator McCain should have said is “The damage that has been inflicted on this nation by that action is incalculable.” Not that it matters. Christmas is now less than two weeks away. People who aren’t political junkies aren’t the least bit interested in Senate rules or nominees. (They should be, but they are not.) At least when Ted Cruz did his marathon not-really-a-filibuster he made headlines for being the man most opposed to Obamacare.

Not that I’m complaining, anything that inconveniences those lousy SOB Democrats is fine by me. I wish the Republicans could continue the talkathon until at least November of next year. But they can’t.

That being said, it’s pretty important to wrest the power from the Democrats next year. We do need to win the Senate and increase the majority in the House. Then Obama and the Democrats will be the impotent ones. That’s why they did this. They’re scared, although they’ll never admit it. They unleashed the biggest self-inflicted disaster on the American people since the War on Poverty. Joe Biden was quite prophetic when he said it was a big f’ing deal. It was much bigger than his simple mind could comprehend.