Right Before Shutdown State Department Went On A Booze Spending Spree


In the midst of the budget sequester and right before the partial government shutdown the State Department went on a little spending spree for booze. Nice to see where their priorities are. Even before this year State’s liquor bill tripled since Obama took office.

The Washington Times reports that the department spent about $180,000 on alcohol in September and $400,000 in all of 2012 — that’s three times the $118,000 spent in 2008.

The booze tab reportedly has risen every year since 2008, but the end of fiscal 2012 saw a particular spike. Part of the reason could be that, toward the end of the year, federal agencies often try to spend what’s left in their budgets in order to reduce the risk that Congress will target them for cuts.

Some of the purchases were listed as “gratuity” items, meaning they were likely gifts. The State Department noted that the U.S. is trying to “make the best impression” with foreign governments and groups. (Read More)

Are they trying to get our allies liquored up in hopes that they don’t notice when we stab them in the back?