NYT: Cut Military Pay, Raise Minimum Wage For Fast Food Workers & Retail Clerks


On Sunday the New York Times ran an editorial arguing that we should cut the pay of US troops. The Other McCain summed it up:

Got that, troops? “Tough choices,” your compensation is “on the table,” because defending your nation isn’t really anything special.

On the other hand, says New York Times columnist Paul Krugman,something must be done for America’s real heroes, retail clerks… (Read More)

I haven’t seen any articles about how US military families have trouble making ends meet, but today they told the story of a guy who can’t scrape together $100 to get a license that would help him get a better job.

Simon Rojas, who earns $8.07 an hour working at a McDonald’s in South Central Los Angeles, said he would join Thursday’s one-day strike.

“It’s very difficult to live off $8.07 an hour,” said Mr. Rojas, 23, noting that he is often assigned just 20 or 25 hours of work a week. “I have to live with my parents. I would like to be able to afford a car and an apartment.”

Mr. Rojas said he had studied for a pharmacy technician’s certificate, but he had been unable to save the $100 needed to apply for a license.

He lives with his parents and has no car but he can’t come up with a hundred bucks? Why doesn’t he get a second part time job? Or instead of joining the union-organized strike maybe he’d be able to pick up an extra shift so he could get that license. But that would make too much sense.

Oh, and our troops don’t go on strike. I’m sure the NYT would have more concern for them if they were part of a union.