NY Dem Candidate: Pal Of The Mob And Tax Evader


Dominic Recchia

Boy, the Democrats sure know how to pick them. New York City Council member and Financial Committee Chair Domenic Recchia is the candidate the DCCC is supporting in NY-11 against Rep. Michael Grimm. He sounds like quite a guy. Not only is he a pal of mobsters, he’s also a tax evader, or at least a late-payer.

The New York Post has the scoop on his tax problems.

Domenic Recchia may chair the City Council’s Finance Committee, but that doesn’t mean he’s mastered paying his own taxes on time.

The Brooklyn Democrat, who is running for Congress, was slapped with a lien for $2,657 on a property that houses his law office.

The city issued the lien in 2010 for the Gravesend Neck Road property, which Recchia co-owns with his wife, Kimberly.

And in the spring of 2001, Recchia got hit with a lien of $49.74. It was settled by that August.

In 1997, he had a tax lien against him for $441. He satisfied it eight months later, city records reveal.

Recchia’s campaign said the $2,657 lien was the result of a snafu that occurred when he paid off the loan on the building. (Read More)

OK, it’s entirely plausible that there was a mix-up when he paid off the mortgage. But if you check the public property tax database you will find that he was frequently late in paying his tax bills. (Choose the borough of Brooklyn and enter the address 172 Gravesend Neck Road.)

If that’s not bad enough, Recchia went out of his way to plead for leniency for one of his mob pals.

Brooklyn City Councilman Domenic Recchia, a top Democrat recruit for Congress, has written a federal judge, asking for leniency for a convicted mobster. And not just any mobster. Angelo Spata, the mobster convicted of racketeering and illegal gambling, is the son-in-law of Colombo crime boss Carmine Persico. Persico is currently serving a 139-year prison sentence.

The letter pleading Spata’s case was sent on City Council letterhead. Recchia told the judge that Spata had provided some help after Hurricane Sandy and had hosted a children’s carnival after the storm. “I hope you (sic) that you will take these thoughts into consideration as you make your deliberations,” Recchia wrote.

“It’s not every day that a Congressional candidate goes to bat for the mafia, but that is exactly what Shady Dom Recchia has done,” said Ian Prior, NRCC Spokesman. “Whether it’s his good friend Vito Lopez or Colombo crime boss Carmine Persico, Recchia seems far more concerned helping sexual predators and Mafiosos than hard-working Staten Islanders.”(Read More)

Recchia doesn’t just have a little bit of support from the DCCC, he’s one of their top “Jump Start” candidates. Like I said, the Democrats sure know how to pick them.