Mary Landrieu Tries To Distance Herself From Obamacare In New Misleading Ad



Polls show Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA) is in serious trouble with the voters back home thanks to Obamacare. But that didn’t stop her recently from saying she would vote for the dreaded law all over again. She also wouldn’t vote to repeal it. She just thinks it should be fixed. Thus is the gist of her new ad. She blames President Obama for the problems with the law, and takes credit for his decision to violate the law by allowing insurers to continue to sell policies that the law makes illegal. Like that’s something to be proud of.

There are just a few problems here. First off, her colleague Senator Gillibrand admitted that they all knew the policies would be cancelled. Senate Democrats voted unanimously for the rule causing people to lose their policies. But Landrieu still promisedif you like your policy you can keep your policy.”

Obama shares the blame for this disastrous law with every Democrat in the House and Senate that helped to ram it through, including Mary Landrieu.

They’re all a bunch of liars.

Via Politico, here’s the video.