Marines Lower Standards For Females


Female Marine

The United States Marine Corps has relaxed physical performance standards for women. To meet physical fitness standards, male Marines must complete three pull ups. Most women haven’t been able to do three pull ups, so for at least the next year they only have to do one pull up or the flex arm hang.

Currently, “women aren’t able to make the minimum standard of three pull-ups,” Marine spokesman Capt. Eric Flanagan told Fifty-five percent of female recruits tested at the end of boot camp were unable to do three pull-ups (1 percent of male recruits also failed).

Marine officers told NPR off-the-record that, given the three-pull-ups rule,  they were afraid of losing “not only new recruits, but also current female Marines who can’t pass the test.”

Female Marines will be allowed to do the flex-arm hang instead of pull-ups this year. With the arm hang, a person grabs the bar with both hands and pulls their body up and holds their chin above the bar for as long as possible.

The deadline for women to meet the men’s minimum standard of three pull-ups has been postponed a year and “will continue to be assessed,” Capt. Flanagan told  The Marines’ Twitter announcement on the topic was posted on Nov. 20. But by Dec. 27, few media outlets had mentioned the news.

Pull-ups have been used to test Marines’ upper body strength for over 40 years. The ability to pull-up one’s own body weight over a bar shows the upper body strength that, in combat, is needed to lift fallen comrades, pull one’s self over a wall, and carry heavy munitions. Combat Marines also carry a pack that weighs around 90 pounds, with gunners carrying an additional 50 or 60 pounds. (Read More)

In the announcement by the Marines Lance Cpl. Ally Beiswanger explained that the deadline was extended to ensure that female Marines are “given the best opportunity to succeed.” What could possibly go wrong? Since when is the Marine Corps responsible with providing anyone an opportunity to succeed? And isn’t it discriminatory in a perverse sort of way to lower standards for women?

The Other McCain addressed this insanity yesterday.

Liberalism’s obsession with equality requires us to pretend that such distinctions as “male” and “female” are ultimately meaningless, and that any policy which recognizes these categories as significant must be abolished in order to prevent discrimination. ….

“We must end this Social Injustice because . . . Progress!”

Perhaps the best example of this weird worldview is the crusade for “gender integration” in the military. Liberals believe women must have the “opportunity” to march 12 miles in full combat gear and engage America’s enemies in firefights or it’s “discrimination.”

Unfortunately, this “discrimination” can only be abolished by lowering standards, as the case of Kara Hultgreen demonstrated nearly two decades ago. Under pressure from the radical avant-garde of political correctness, the Navy and the Air Force had gotten into a competition to see which service could produce the first female fighter pilot, which resulted (predictably) in the destruction of a $38 million jet and the death of its unqualified pilot:

Read the whole thing.

Why is it that liberals are totally unapologetic when the policies they push result in unnecessary deaths? It doesn’t seem to bother them at all.