If You Thought State’s Booze Buying Binge Was Bad, Wait Til You Read This


Good grief, the State Department’s pre-shutdown booze buying binge was chump change compared to what they spent on art, and I use the term “art” loosely.

At the end of September, the federal government’s fiscal year was drawing to a close, the threat of a shut down was increasing, and the State Department was shopping for art.  Four contracts were awarded in the last two weeks of September, including $1,000,000 for a granite sculpture by Irish-born artist Sean Scully to be installed at the new U.S. Embassy in London.  Notice of the awards was posted Sunday afternoon of Thanksgiving weekend on the Federal Business Opportunities website.

Although the form of the Scully sculpture is not identified in the award notification, the artist has produced granite sculptures before, including this one entitled “Wall of Light Cubed 2” in 2008:

Read the whole thing, there’s more – hundreds of thousands of dollars more – that they spent on art. Sequester? What sequester?

Nothing against Mr. Scully, but if the million dollar sculpture looks anything like the thing depicted above I’d say we the taxpayers aren’t getting our money’s worth. I’d rather look at the granite counter tops in my kitchen, and they didn’t come close to costing a million bucks, not even in the neighborhood.

On second thought, maybe I should talk to Mr. LC about giving up his current business model. Why work so hard bidding jobs and delivering top-notch craftsmanship to clients when he could just cut some big rocks, stack them up, call it a “sculpture” and sell it to the government for a bundle? We could retire early.

H/T Michigan