How The EPA Will Kill Jobs And Hike Your Energy Bills


There’s a reason the White House put off so many regulations until after the last election. They knew that once all of the regulations were unleashed it would have spelled doom for President Obama at the polls. He’s already reached a new high when it comes to his disapproval rating thanks to Obamacare, just wait until all of the EPA regulations kick in. It’s going to mean fewer jobs, higher energy costs, and higher costs for just about everything.

As Heritage experts Nicolas Loris, Kevin Dayaratna, and David Kreutzer explain:

These regulations will act as a major energy tax that would negatively impact American households. Americans will suffer through higher energy bills, but also through higher prices for goods and services, slowing the economy and crippling the manufacturing sector.

…It will cost more to heat, cool, and light homes, and to cook meals. These higher energy prices will also have rippling effects throughout the economy. As energy prices increase, the cost of making products rises.

The EPA’s war is against coal, which is the main source of electricity for 21 states. In their research, Heritage experts analyzed a phase-out of coal (thanks to the EPA’s regulations) between 2015 and 2038.

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