House Democrats Threatening Another Shutdown


House Democrats don’t like a proposed continuing resolution, so they’re pretty much threatening to shut down the government over it. Their problem? It doesn’t spend enough money.

House Democrats of all stripes are lining up against a stopgap spending bill that further entrenches the blunt sequester cuts.

GOP leaders could bring a vote as early as next week on a short-term continuing resolution (CR) likely to adopt the $967 billion sequester-level spending cap urged by many Republicans. But the pushback from Democrats this week has been near universal, with liberals and centrists alike vowing to join party leaders in opposition to any such measure.

“I’m not going to support a short-term CR that leads to a $967 billion level,” Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-Md.), the House minority whip, said Tuesday during a press briefing in the Capitol. “I believe that hurts our national security, it hurts our economy and it undermines our responsibility of running government at a level that is productive for our people.”

The opposition raises the chances of a government shutdown taking place in mid-January if a House-Senate budget conference fails to reach a deal on a broader framework to fund the government and scale back the sequester. (Read More)

Even though Democrats are in the minority in the House, the GOP can only afford about 15 defections or the bill will fail. I’m sure the Democrat would love nothing more than another shut down. They’ll blame it on Republicans and the media will go along. They’re sick.