Go Figure, Ed Schultz Went Off On People With ‘Employment Envy’


Huh. I’m confused. Who knew Ed Schultz was a capitalist pig? Doesn’t the left routinely advocate things like employment envy, class envy and income envy? It’s their platform. It’s what they’re all about. They just don’t like being the targets. MSNBC’s crazy Ed Schultz let the cat out of the bag in an angry rant. Not that ranting like a lunatic is anything new for Schultz, but well, just read on. It’s the content of the rant that’s surprising.

Ed Schultz decided to take a break from his normal act of ranting against Republicans today by raging against some fellow liberals who had the temerity to criticize him and other MSNBC hosts for declining to publicly take the side of union members in a dispute they’re having with the cable channel’s parent company, NBC Universal.

Schultz . . . lashed out at a report from Salon.com which mentioned him: “I become the target because I’m living good. I become the target because I have a platform. . . . They’re just out to take somebody down who’s got something they don’t have.” . . .
“I’m not going to lower myself to people who just have got employment envy, income envy, exposure envy, platform envy,” Schultz said, according to a Salon transcription of the show. . . .

Schultz also attacked an internet columnist named David Sirota in a way that could not be construed as anything but “punching down.”

“It’s interesting that you have had class envy on me for years, that you’re never going to be as big as I am. That’s what you’re all about, Sirota.” He reiterated his opinion moments later, calling Sirota a “loser.” (Read More)

Wow! I guess he isn’t familiar with the old saying “You reap what you sow.”

Stacy McCain summed it all up pretty well:

I actually agree with Ed Schultz: His critics areenvious, and David Sirota is certainly a loser. But that message is not in sync with the egalitarian ethos of the Left, and Ed Schultz just exposed himself as a loud, phony, hypocritical plutocrat.

Did I mention Ed Schultz’s reported salary is $4 million a year? Anyway, now he’s got Mike Elk after him. Good luck with that. (Read More)

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