Global Poll: US Is Biggest Threat To World Peace


After looking at these poll results some might say President Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize was a tad bit premature.

The past year witnessed bloodshed in Syria and Iraq, turmoil in Egypt, anarchy in Central Africa, threats by a nuclear-armed North Korea and Chinese military posturing, but as 2013 ends a global poll finds that the country seen as representing the greatest threat to peace today is … the United States.

Not only did the U.S. top the list with an aggregate of 24 percent, but the runner-up threat country, Pakistan, was way behind at eight percent. China was third at six percent, followed by North Korea, Iran and Israel at five percent each.

The survey of opinions across 65 countries by pollster Win/Gallup International recorded some of the strongest anti-American sentiment, predictably, in countries widely regarded as rivals, led by Russia (where 54 percent of respondents said the U.S. was the greatest threat to peace) and China (49 percent).

Read the whole thing. Respondents also said that they would really like to live here in the US. I’m sure the administration would be happy to put the ones who expressed the most anti-American sentiments on a fast track to citizenship.