Department Of Justice Still Working To Keep Kids In Failing Schools


There’s an update on the Department of Justice’s lawsuit against the state of Louisiana’s school voucher system. They had argued that that allowing kids to use the vouchers to get out of bad schools left the public schools too white. Apparently the suit wasn’t going to well so they’re pursuing the matter from a different angle.

The Justice Department campaign against Louisiana school vouchers gets curiouser and curiouser. Attorney General Eric Holder‘s troops are now trying to prevent black parents from joining the case by amending their original lawsuit to block the vouchers in 22 districts.

Some Republicans in Washington, D.C., interpreted this motion as Justice dropping its lawsuit, but no one should be fooled. Justice now wants federal courts to establish what would essentially be a preclearance process letting DOJ approve every voucher. (Read More)

The article goes on to note that parents of the children who benefit from the vouchers don’t have standing to intervene in the lawsuit. If they don’t, who does? Good grief. Oh, and that preclearance process would be set up in such a way that parents wouldn’t know it’s the DOJ’s fault if their kids don’t get vouchers.

And the Democrats want us all to think that they’re the ones concerned about providing a quality education for all children. They’re going out of their way to keep minority students in failing schools.