Clinton’s Going All In With Far Left Bill DeBlasio


Hillary Clinton needs to burnish her credibility with the socialist base of her party so she and Bill are going all in with the far left Mayor Elect of New York Bill DeBlasio. It may help her in a primary, but it won’t play well in a general election. I guess they figure by then it will be all but forgotten if she makes it through.

Bill Clinton will make a very public display of affection for Bill de Blasio Wednesday when the former president swears in New York City’s incoming mayor at a ceremony outside City Hall — cementing a longstanding relationship that could be a boon for Hillary Clinton if she runs for president.

At a time when the Democratic Party is tacking to the populist left, and Sen. Elizabeth Warren is galvanizing the base by taking on Wall Street, Clinton will need to show she’s in sync with the liberal grass roots should she wage another bid for the White House. There aren’t many figures who could do more to shore up her progressive cred than de Blasio, who swept into office on an unabashedly populist message. (Read More)

DeBlasio isn’t just a populist lefty, he’s a communist.