Are You Wondering What Stores Are Open On New Year’s Day?


A lot of businesses are closing early tonight, New Year’s Eve. But many will be open regular hours on New Year’s Day, or at least they will have Sunday hours. Government offices are all closed, but plenty of things are still open.

International Business Times has a list of some of the large retailers. You might want to call ahead, but if you have some shopping to do you should be all set.

The national retailers that will open their doors to shoppers on Jan. 1 include Best Buy, Target and Wal-Mart, all of which have modified store hours. And because it’s New Year’s Day, there will be sales galore.

Most malls, grocery stores and retail stores will also be open during regular business hours on Jan. 1, but verify with each business to be sure.

There’s more on specific stores at the link.

Oh, and always, Amazon is open 24 hours a day.