An Inner City Tea Party?


Last week Al Sharpton held a town hall meeting in Chicago and it looks like he got more than he bargained for. It was supposed to be a meeting about gun violence, but it turned into a rally against the machine politics of the city of Chicago. The people who spoke at the meeting sounded like – dare I say it – tea partiers. They’ve had it with the politicians in their city and one preacher even called for tea party type meetings in Chicago’s neighborhoods. Another speaker said to stop voting for the same people who are ruining their city.

“It’s time we started voting differently.”

It’s a shame the way the left has vilified the tea party. I don’t speak for them, but if I did I’d say they want the same things for everyone, no matter the color of one’s skin, where one lives, or who one loves. What they want is accountable government, jobs and opportunities for everyone, and an end to spending that’s bankrupting all of our children. Those are issues we should all be united on.

My advice to tea party groups would be to go find some of the people at this meeting, reach out to them and find common ground.

Rebel Pundit has a summary of the meeting, here’s the video.