WhiteHouse.gov Transformed Into Marketing Website


This is just creepy and weird. The official website of the White House has been transformed into one big marketing website. Here’s what was on the home page at about midnight.

White House Home Page


After clicking on “Learn More” this is what appeared at the top of the page:

White House Learn More Top


That halo of sunshine is a nice touch. I’m sure it was snapped by an official White House photographer.

Scroll down a little and you see this:

White House Learn More Page


Heh, good one, that part about “no cancellations,” so is “lower cost coverage.” Even “free” is a big lie. Hey, maybe we can sue them for deceptive advertising.

Here’s one more:

Obamacare Open For Business

I could stay up all night doing this. Good grief, this is the website of the highest office of our land and it seems more like an “As Seen On TV” site. How long will it be until they ask for your credit card number?


Oh well, at least the White House website was built before President Obama came along, so it seems to be working just fine. I just don’t recommend clicking on that “apply now button.” You never know what sort of gibberish you might find. And if you do get past the gibberish, the sticker shock and access shock might be, well, a bit shocking.

(I wasn’t able to find the page Gerri Willis linked to on twitter, but she grabbed a screenshot of a page that still says you won’t lose your policy if you like it. Seriously.)

Update: Linked by Regular Right Guy – thanks!