Voters Fell For War On Women, Now We’re Stuck With Obamacare


For years Republicans have been warning about the dire consequences of Obamacare, but those warnings fell on deaf ears. The Washington Examiner noted in an editorial that too many people didn’t believe the warnings, which turned out to be true.

In April, Real Clear Politics’ average of polls showed that 47 percent of Americans opposed Obamacare, while 41 percent supported it — a 6-percentage-point edge for opponents of the president’s health care law, which at the time was still months away from implementation.

The latest average of polls, less than two months into the law’s rollout, shows 57 percent opposing Obamacare, with 38 percent supporting — an enormous 19-point gap between opponents and supporters.

The two numbers explain why Republicans made little progress when they tried to warn Americans about Obamacare. For years, GOP warnings about Obamacare were about something that had not yet arrived. People had not experienced Obamacare, did not have friends who had experienced it and didn’t fully understand what it was. Many tuned out the Republican alarms. (Read More)

It wasn’t just Republicans sounding the alarm. There were numerous studies and analyses done with facts and figures to back up the warnings. Everything that’s happening was written into the law. The media chose to ignore it all.

So, what were the media and the Democrats doing last year? They were perpetuating the myth of a Republican “war on women.” They were warning about threats to “reproductive rights.” If any Republican made a stupid comments about birth control or abortion they used it as a bludgeon against every other Republican. It was all nonsense but people bought into it. Someone told me last fall that she couldn’t vote for Mitt Romney because he was “anti-woman.” I asked what evidence she had to back up such a claim, she couldn’t come up with anything, but she still stuck to that position.

While the media and the Democrats share much of the blame, the voters themselves could have done their homework and found out what they were voting for. The information was out there.

Well, now people are starting to understand what happens when they fall for ridiculous, fabricated issues. And as far as “reproductive rights” go, what good is insurance that pays for birth control and abortions if you can’t afford the premiums?

Oh, and the only people waging a war on women are the Democrats. They attack conservative women with immunity. Here’s the latest example.