‘The Democrat Party… Is A Picture Of Unity’


Neil King summarized a recent WSJ poll showing that many Republican voters are not feeling too satisfied with the Republican Party. That’s no surprise, considering recent events. Any number of things can explain it – some will blame Ted Cruz for his efforts to defund Obamacare, others will blame the RINO’s for acting more like Democrats, others will blame “the establishment” and others might just be sick of losing and watching the unfolding disaster.

What really concerns me is what’s happening on the other side. Democrat voters are pretty happy with this radical party of theirs.

The Democratic Party, by comparison, is a picture of unity. …

By comparison, nearly three-quarters of all Democrats in the poll said they have a positive view of their party, down just slightly since the end of last year. Even the more wavering among the Democrats are positive toward their party (61%).

We’re witnessing what the Democrat Party has done to health insurance for Americans. It’s a complete freaking disaster. We’re living through one of the longest, most sluggish recoveries of all time. The leader of the Democrat Party, President Barack Obama, lies to the American people on a regular basis, about everything. But a majority of Democrat voters are happy with their party. What the hell is wrong with these people?

Oh, and there is one more thing from King’s analysis that needs attention:

Asked if they would be more likely to vote for an independent or third-party candidate for Congress if one existed in their district, just 19% of Democrats said they would.

But among all Republicans, that number was 28%. And among wavering Republicans—who constituted nearly a quarter of the poll’s registered voters—the desire to vote for a third-party candidate was a startling 41%.  (Read More)

Going third party at this time would amount to giving Democrats a permanent majority. Talk about a disaster of epic proportions. Please consider, before doing anything to help the Democrat Party, this simple truth:

Some people hate freedom. Some people hate America.

We call these people “Democrats.” Don’t vote for them, ever.

Never! Never vote for them, and never throw your vote away on candidates who can only garner about 10% of the vote. It’s always just enough to put the Democrat in office. If we want to get rid of the undesirable Republicans we can do it in primaries. It would also help for conservatives become members of their local committees, where they have a say in candidates the local parties endorse. If I could do it, any of you can.

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