Survey Says Small Business Owners Will Cut Hours, Drop Health Coverage


Democrats keep saying that Obamacare has had no negative impact on employee work hours, and that it hasn’t cost Americans jobs. Well, here is even more evidence that they are lying. A new survey of small business owners is out and a good number of them say that they will be cutting employee hours and dropping health insurance coverage.

One of President Obama’s proudest boasts about the Affordable Care Act is that it helps small business. The White House website says the health law “makes it easier for businesses to find better coverage options” and “stops insurance companies from taking advantage of you, giving the consumer and business owner more control and making health-care coverage more affordable.” Small businesses aren’t buying it.

That’s the finding of a Public Opinion Strategies survey of more than 400 business owners with between 40 and 500 employees conducted in September and October for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and International Franchise Association. Some 64% of small business franchise owners (such as owners of fast food and retail stores) believe the law will have a “negative impact” on their business, while only 5% expect a “positive impact.” For non-franchise businesses the ratio was 53% negative and 12% positive. Only one in 12 agree with the President that the health-care law will “help” their business.

Even more problematic is how businesses are already responding to the new law. The White House continues to deny any relationship between hiring and ObamaCare. The poll finds 27% of franchise businesses and 12% of non-franchises have already replaced full-time with part-time employees in anticipation of the law’s employer mandate. ObamaCare defines a full-time employee as someone who works 30 hours or more a week. (Read More)

Also, businesses with fewer than 50 workers will cap the number they employ at 49 to avoid the mandate. So how many jobs won’t be created because of this miserable law? And how can they be making it easier to find better coverage if the small business portion of the website isn’t even functional? Good grief.

Another poll of small businesses found that their optimism has sunk like a stone.