In my town the Democrats took complete control. They’re a bunch of deceitful bastards but since they all have D’s after their names they won. Somehow Republicans had managed to hold on to a slight majority on the town council up until now, but that’s done. I’ll just hope they don’t turn us into a mini-NYC where the communist won the election. It’s so depressing, NY voters even approved all of the ballot proposals except for the one that would have let Judges serve until they die.

Chris Christie won in New Jersey, for what that’s worth. He says he’s a conservative, but who can forget his embrace of Obama right before the 2012 election? Not to mention everything else. Whatever, the economy in New Jersey probably won’t improve thanks to the people of his state voting for a constitutional amendment to up the minimum wage with automatic increases every year.

Virginia started out looking hopeful, but Terry McAwful managed to squeak out a win. Welcome to Detroit, Virginia. Thank the fake libertarian and McAwful’s 10-1 spending advantage for that. But I guess there’s a bit of a silver lining, if you’re looking for one.

 Cuccinelli clearly gained a lot of ground in the final week of the campaign, as the ObamaCare failure became evident. Because opposition to ObamaCare has been a touchstone of the Tea Party movement all along, the result in Virginia, while disappointing, actually bodes well for the GOP going forward.

We shall see. The Democrats, with a lot of help from the media, define our candidates for us. Even people on our side believe the BS they peddle.

Sorry, I’m just not feeling too hopeful about the future of my town, my state or the republic.

Update: The NY GOP is pretty happy tonight. I just received this email:

Tonight’s results prove that the taxpayers’ revolt that started back in 2009 is still going strong.

Republicans won big this evening, sweeping key races across the state:

Republican Rob Astorino was reelected in Westchester County, where Democrats outnumber Republicans two to one.

Republican County Executives Ed Mangano of Nassau and Kathy Jimino of Rensselaer were reelected, and Republicans Vince Horrigan of Chautauqua, Ed Day of Rockland, Steve Neuhaus of Orange and Matt Ossenfort of Montgomery were elected as County Executives.

Republican Rich David won the Binghamton Mayoralty Republican Anthony Palumbo won a special election for a vacant Assembly Seat.

In Erie County, where Democrats outnumber Republicans three to one, Republicans seized control of the County Legislature.

And if Republicans are winning in Erie and Westchester, Andrew Cuomo should start getting worried.

I’m glad someone is happy.

Update 2: The Daily Caller calls tonight’s election results a conservative nightmare. I concur. Oh, and then there’s this headline: “New York City elects socialist mayor, because, why not.” Sigh.

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