Politico Suddenly Notices The Intended Consequences Of Obamacare


Politico says “now they tell us” about those intended consequences of Obamacare. It’s a shame they weren’t doing their job back in 2010 when the law was passed. Perhaps if they, and other media outlets, had taken the time to read the law and understand what was in it they wouldn’t have been taken by surprise after seeing it in action.

The broken HealthCare.gov website, while an excruciating embarrassment, is on the path to repair. If Amazon and the airlines can manage millions of transactions a day over the Web with ease, say experts, the federal government’s class of slow students surely will solve the problem in due course.

But the problem with Obamacare’s stumbling start is that it shined a harsh light on intended consequences — more costs and more government regulation — that were always embedded in the ACA but were deliberately downplayed by Obama and Democrats on the way to passage. Backers hoped the costs of the ACA and its roster of losers would remain obscured after launch in a rush of good feeling about the law’s benefits and its roster of winners.

This rush of good feeling, to put it mildly, hasn’t yet materialized. But some very clear tradeoffs that were always central to Obamacare have been put on sharp display.

The trade-offs include forcing younger, healthier Americans to pay higher premiums to keep premiums in check for older, sicker Americans. Then of course, they went on to blame Republicans for warning about the wrong things!

Republicans in Congress have been quick to say that they warned of the dangers of the law. But the truth is that they sounded the alarms about so many threats, including dubious assertions about death panels and the slippery slope to a Canadian-style single-payer health care system, that they never put any sustained focus on the very specific tradeoffs people are seeing now. (Read More)

Republicans did warn of the death panels, which William Teach points out were removed from the law, before being put back in as the “Independent Payment Advisory Board,” a group of unelected individuals who will decide which treatments are covered or not covered. The GOP warned of plenty of things, the media just thought it would be fun to make them look like buffoons for talking about “death panels.”

The article also provided President Obama with a little bit of cover for his lies, saying he didn’t really say Obamacare would be a free lunch. But that’s the impression he gave to people, and he certainly didn’t say that millions who already had insurance would be forced to pay much higher premiums for policies that include things they may not want.