Politico: Obamacare Isn’t The Problem – It’s Your Brain


The other day Politico published a piece about what’s wrong with Obamacare. It’s not the dreadful law itself, or the “glitchy” website, no it’s your brain.

Since the launch of the Affordable Care Act’s health insurance exchanges on Oct. 1, frequent glitches and long waits have dominated the news coverage. But these reports—while frustrating the Obama administration and delighting its opponents—distract from a far more important question: Are consumers doomed to make poor choices about health plans? Maybe our brains just aren’t wired to use a site like HealthCare.gov, whether it works or not.

The exchanges are based on a laudable idea: that competition, transparency and consumer choice will lead to higher-quality, more affordable products. The decisions consumers make will thus have significant implications for their own personal and financial health, as well as the overall sustainability of the exchanges. But despite the good intentions behind the website, behavioral science research suggests that many consumers may be ill equipped to make good decisions in the insurance marketplaces.

Choosing health coverage is particularly challenging. Humans have difficulty making optimal choices under conditions of uncertainty, when weighing probabilities of long-term risks and benefits, and when analyzing complex products with multiple components of unclear relative values. We’re bad at assessing the likelihood of low-probability events, like winning the lottery or getting in a car accident. We overestimate our ability to repay loans and spend more with credit cards than we would with cash. We struggle with decisions about how to invest our retirement savings and are highly susceptible to the number and types of 401(k) plans we’re offered. In short, we have trouble with precisely the types of issues involved in choosing the right health coverage. (Read More)

What a load of crap. Obamacare reduced choices. Even if it didn’t, it really isn’t that hard to understand premiums, co-payments and deductibles.

Drew M. at Ace of Spades tore into this ridiculous piece of rubbish:

Funny how millions of people managed to organize their lives to select their own plans based on cost and coverage as well as pay for them until ObamaCare came along to make it better for them. Now they can’t buy insurance and have two weeks or so to scramble to find ways to try and stay covered.

And yet the ungrateful bastards are complaining.

You can see where this is going. Or maybe you can’t because your tiny brains can’t process all the possible choices available so let me help you out….Single Payer.

Just shut up, pay what the government tells you to pay and let the big brains figure it out for you. …

The ACA is redistributing health insurance dollars from people who have them and are used to making informed decisions to people who aren’t.

It’s not that “people” are too stupid to make good choices (millions and millions of people have been doing it for decades), it’s that many core Democrats who will be the recipients of the spreading around of this wealth are. (Read More)

It all boils down to the same things with progressive proponents of big government: The people are too stupid to manage their own lives, therefore, we must elect enlightened Democrats to manager our lives for us, including redistributing our wealth.